Skiing then Homework

Surprisingly, it was only myself and 3 other Elon students that decided to go skiing in Park City today. It was an absolutely beautiful day. It was even warm. I found myself delayering quickly. I’ve only gone skiing five times in my life before this trip and all of those times have been at a small ski resort in West Virginia. After skiing at Park City Ski Resort, I can say that I prefer skiing in the West, where the snow is real. It was incredibly beautiful being surrounded by blue skies, great temperatures, powdery snow, and amazingly talented local skiers and snowboarders. I hope to get back there sometime and spend even more than a day on the slopes. If my life plan of owning a vacation home in Park City comes true I will definitely be there every year!

Gavin Wiesen, director of Homework

Due to being on the slopes most of the day, I didn’t have a chance to see any films during the day. Luckily, I got the first wait-list spot for the film Homework for the midnight showing. Homework was a movie featuring the talented British actor Freddie Highmore known for his role as the little boy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and his role in August Rush, as well as actress Emma Roberts, Julia Robert’s niece. It was a coming of age film about a boy who is rebellious and doesn’t really have a care in the world until he begins to fall in love with Emma’s character, Sally. Overall, the movie was somewhat bland. I did not really enjoy. I think a lot of the writing and some of the acting was cliche and I think a big problem was that the director, Gavin Wiesen, wrote the screenplay based his own life. I think this sometimes is helpful that the writer is also the director that way they know exactly how the want it too look. The problem was that Wiesen spoke in his Q&A about how he did not collaborate with many other people on the script. I think if more people had looked over it and fixed some of the cliche scenes the film could have been a bit stronger. It wasn’t a horrible movie, don’t get me wrong. I definitely paid attention. There just wasn’t much there. A boy. A girl. Love. Boy and some family problems. New love interest. Jealously. I gave it two stars out of four so not the worst but definitely not my favorite at the festival.


About The Spirit of Sundance

A group of Elon University students experiencing the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
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