conquering the world. one woman at a time.

While agonizing in the heat of Prospector Theatre this afternoon in the waitlist line for Miss Representation, a group of us, led by Kacey, happened to strike up a conversation with director, producer and writer Alison Beals. While chatting, she told us of her current film, Cool Planet, and the dilemmas she’s faced through the production process, including the difficulties of gaining the access to film a walrus.

Even though I was unable to contribute much to the conversation in line, Sarah Dodge and I happened to see Alison again in the Film Maker’s Lounge on main street later in the afternoon and continued our talk. She told us about her dreams to create films in which “women kick ass and take names.” She expressed her disappointment in the industry because it often limits the roles of women directors and producers to heartfelt, love interest stories. She explained that in order to avoid this lovey lull she wanted to make a film similar to The Hangover to empower women and present them as strong, independent figures in society.

She mentioned Cool Planet, “a sci-fi romance with mythological lore and ancient secret societies,” again, which is in the post-production phase and encouraged us to help her market the film via social media. Alison further explained the movie tells the story of a heartbroken woman who moves across the country in order to search for a better life and quickly experiences madness and excitement with the changes.

In order to check it out, visit and

Follow the film on Facebook in order to help make Alison’s dream become a reality.

-Sam Parker


About The Spirit of Sundance

A group of Elon University students experiencing the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
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