Benevidas Born

This afternoon I saw Benevidas Born, which is in the US Dramatic competition. It was a coming of age story for a female power lifter who wants to break out of her small town by means of a scholarship to University of Texas – Austin.

I liked everything about the main character, Luz. It was partially the acting and partially the character’s actions. For the acting, it just seemed to fake. Certain parts of the dialogue seemed forced or a second faster or slower than a natural reaction. That’s just being picky though. For the character, I just never wanted to root for. It’s incredibly hard to watch a film when you don’t agree with, like, or believe in the protagonist. The whole film had too many issues arise that was capable of solving or processing and it had a fairy tale ending that was entirely too unrealistic. In the course of the movie, the character took steroids, torched a barn, aided illegal immigrants, hurt her family, and weaseled her way back in to admittance to UT-A with a full scholarship. All of it was just too much, especially when I doubted the actor’s talent to begin with.

Overall, I would say the movie was okay. I definitely understand why it was accepted into Sundance, just not a personal pick of mine. But honestly, after seeing films like Animals Distract Me, Knuckle, and Vampire, this film seemed like gold. Plus, it screened in Eccles Theater, which has become one of my favorite theaters due to the ample leg room!

– Hannah



About The Spirit of Sundance

A group of Elon University students experiencing the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
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