Dying with dignity.

I’ve been watching a lot more documentaries lately, and I can honestly say that the one we saw tonight is the best I’ve seen so far. How To Die In Oregon documented the lives of Oregon residents who have chosen or are in the process of choosing to end their own lives by the use of assisted suicide. David, Will and I all cried (sorry guys, but it’s true) and we were impressed by how well the director approached such a touchy and emotional topic. The film was so real and relatable, and also so tastefully done.

I was most drawn to Cody Curtis, the woman whose life story drove the film. She was suffering from liver cancer and she was in great pain. She chose to end her life, but she fought up until the day that she truly thought that she could no longer take the pain. Her attitude toward life was beautiful and admirable. Her sense of humor stuck with her until the end. She truly sparkled and shone, despite the obvious pain that she was enduring for such a long time.

Peter Richardon’s documentary is beautiful and emotional, and hopefully it will bring about some change as well.

-Gabriela Szewcow


About The Spirit of Sundance

A group of Elon University students experiencing the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
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