Living for 32, Documentary Showcase 2.

“We live for the 32 murdered on April 16th, 2007, at Virginia Tech and for the 32 people who are murdered with guns every day in America.” — Colin Goddard

This afternoon, a few of my classmates, Michael Soucy, Sarah Dodge, Hannah Nelson and I all attended the Documentary Showcase 2 of the Festival. Featured in the screening were Living for 32, a short doc about the Virginia Tech shooting of 2007 which resulted in 32 lives lost on the University’s campus, The Barber of Birmingham, another short documentary about an 85-year old man, Mr. James Armstrong, who participated as a foot soldier in the Civil Rights Movement and later lived to experience the inauguration of President Obama as well as the short doc Animals Distract Me which focused on the everlasting animal-love of Isabella Rossellini.

Following the showcase, a Q&A session followed which allowed for the introduction of Kevin Breslin, the director of Living for 32. While answering questions throughout the session, Breslin mentioned his interest in distributing his film to universities so that its message could be received by other college students. Taking the opportunity to introduce ourselves after hearing his interest, we ended up in conversation with Breslin, and after receiving his contact information, he agreed to stop by our house tomorrow in Park City tomorrow to further talk about his film.

The message behind the film is strong and effective without being too overbearing because of its sensitive subject. Be sure to check it out. Talent Colin Goddard tells his story through such inspiring words — he reminds us all that struggles and conflicts don’t have to control our futures.

For a sneak peek into the film, check out the bio provided at as well as

That’s all I’ve got,
Sam Parker 


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A group of Elon University students experiencing the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
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